Additional technical information, such as who it is from, the email software they use, the IP addresses of the sender, and their email server is commonly available inside the Internet headers of the read receipt. Email tracking — Wikipedia In the legal profession, documentation is everything. And no one turns it on. I did some notes about it on my blog: The hacker husband was caught, legally and with court admissible evidence for hiring a hacker to readnotiyf my email to him; however, any half wit hacker will smell readnotify as a honeypot and go, which is about the best you can hope for. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat I have called them on the phone and asked them not to open it till I send it.

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Where can I get more information? What is ReadNotify? ReadNotify is the most powerful, useful and reliable email tracking service that exists on the Web today. Are downloads or plugins required? ReadNotify already works with almost every email program available. Much more! For example, if your email is forwarded to someone else, we can notify you. In many cases, we can tell you how long your recipient actually spent reading your mail, and how many times they opened it and re-read it as well.

If your email gets published somewhere without your knowledge, you can usually find this out, and where. We provide a mapping feature so you can find out the approximate physical location of your reader. We also have Self-Destructing Emails, Ensured-Receipt emails, proof-of-posting certificates, proof-of-delivery certificates, message retraction, and many other useful features.

Keep exploring this site for more details. How does it work? Type your email message as you normally would. Before clicking "Send," append ". This directs your email through the ReadNotify servers, where we assign it a tracking code. When your email gets read, the tracking code comes back to our server with the date and time, so we can inform you. How will you inform me when my mail arrives?

Several avenues exist: You can log in to this web site www. Optionally, we also can email you this information. All good email programs feature "threading" or "flagging" of read-notifications, so you can tell at a glance which of your sent emails have been read right from within your current favorite email program see screenshot below.

Soon, we will also be able to send an instant alert to your ICQ or an SMS alert to your cell phone or pager the moment your email is opened. Your own personal web folder on our site lists the trail of every message you register with our service, so you can trace their full history. Additional features are being added all the time. Please contact us at if you have specific suggestions. Note the "message opened" informational tag on the first sent item in this Microsoft Outlook screenshot. Return to Main Menu How does the recipient confirm their reception of my emails, registered with ReadNotify?

Normally, this is fully automated. Once your email has been received, you usually receive an acknowledgement response instantly. You can also choose a banner announcement notice that will invite your recipient to acknowledge they read your email. With only one mouse click, they can follow a link to our site which tells them their message status has been confirmed, and that you have received their read response.

This way, readers receive notification that you may be waiting for a reply. Will my recipient know that I am tracking my email? For every ReadNotify email you send, you will be able to decide whether or not your recipient knows that it is being tracked. By default, we add a banner to all email you send; this tells the reader that the email is tracked, and invites them to manually confirm that they actually read it. You have the option to turn the banners OFF by selecting "none" for the banner style for all tracked email you send, or you can add.

ReadNotify works with all popular email and webmail services, and does not require any downloads or plugins to operate properly for both sender and recipient. My email software already features "Return Receipts.

The truth is, "Return Receipts" almost never work. The vast majority of all email software and users in the world do not support Return Receipts, and the few that do have usually disabled these by default. In the rare case that you send mail to someone who can support Return Receipts, they get prompted with a rude and intrusive message asking them to tell you that they read your mail, with the default action suggesting they cancel the notification.

With ReadNotify , you get to choose how or if your recipient gets prompted to let you know they read your mail. The default action, which you can change at any time, is to always tell you when they have read it, and to let them know you asked. Further, you may choose to support traditional Return Receipts if you want to use them. This is a feature supported by some mail servers that lets you know if and when your email arrived in the mailbox of your recipient.

It gives no indication whether or not a message will be opened or even downloaded-only whether or not it got delivered. The most basic example is a "bounced" email; if you have ever sent a message to an invalid email address, you have experienced a DSN. This is possible because the body of your email is saved on the ReadNotify server, and only the headers and attachments are sent to your recipient.

When they open their email, it automatically requests the body from our server; afterward, we send the read-notification. It is not possible to get the body of your email without you getting this notification, so your receipt is ensured.

NOTE: If your recipient is not connected to the Internet when they read their email, they will have to re-connect to get it. Once you have received your read-notification, they are then allowed to keep the email, and can read it again offline if they wish. They mean the same thing. When you send certified email, it is time-stamped and assigned a serial number, then digitally signed and appended with the secure certificate. The digital signature is then published for anyone to read at any time.

Should you need to prove at some later stage that you sent your email, the attached signatures provide admissible and certifiable proof that your email was posted on the date and time specified. Any popular cryptographic product can be used to verify the digital signature, and a regular signature-of-signatures is distributed around the Internet. This creates an indelible electronic "paper trail" that inextricably links the correct time of posting of your email to its attached signature.

NOTE: None of this reveals any information to outside parties about the email itself, including to whom it was sent or from whom it was sent. These emails cannot be retained by your recipient. You have various ways to control the length of time a recipient is able to read an email, and you can choose whether or not to inhibit printing, copying, forwarding, and saving of email. At a time predetermined by you, email sent through ReadNotify automatically erases itself-permanently.

NOTE: Although it is very difficult for your recipient to keep a permanent record of the contents of an email, they will still be able to keep your email address, the email subject, and all attachments you send. Also, as with every self-destructing email package, there is always a possibility a recipient might find a way to record an email anyway i.

Can I get back an email after I have sent it? Use the "Ensured Receipts" or "Self-Destructing Email" features described above to cancel an email before or even after it has been delivered. Note that these features merely cancel the body of your email-not any attachments you send, email addresses or subject lines.

Do you read my email? For more information, view our privacy statement. Is my email address safe with you? Will I get spammed? Your email is completely safe. We never send, allow, or support spam of any kind, and we never give out our email lists for any reason.

See our privacy statement and our terms of service for full reassurance. Tell me everything about Forward-Tracking ReadNotify automatically tracks when your email gets forwarded to someone else, or opened on a different computer.

Keep the following in mind:- We only count an email as "forwarded" when it is opened on a different computer - not when it gets forwarded to a different account on the same computer we count this instead as "re-opened".

We only ever send you one email receipt at present. To get the information about whether an email was forwarded or not, you need to either 1 Click on the link inside your receipt which is labelled "Click here for up-to-date live tracking information. Not all recipient email programs permit the tracking of forwarded emails - but most of them do. It is not always possible to identify subsequent recipients of forwarded emails, so we can not always tell you the email address it was forwarded to.

However - we do tell you the Browser and operating system version, the language, approximate location, IP address and ISP, and other things, so if you think you know who it was forwarded to, you can always send a new tracked email and compare the tracking information that comes back to confirm your suspicion. Often, when someone replies to an email, they include the original email at the bottom.

We also count this as "forwarding". When someone replies to you like I just said above, the fact that you open the reply is counted as a "forward" - since it was forwarded back to you.

Keep in mind that the settings you have picked on your "My Account" page all affect the amount of information you get back. Return to Main Menu Why do some receipts have much less information than others? Many factors at the recipient end affect the amount and accuracy of the tracking information you get back. Some of these factors include: their email program, whether or not they use a firewall or a privacy or content filter, and what their proxy settings are.

In combination with the above, the selection of advanced settings you have chosen also affect the amount and accuracy of your receipts. See the settings page for a detailed explanation. Finally, the kind of email you send eg: ensured, self-destructing, or plain tracking also changes the amount of information you get.

Do you take other forms of payment beside credit cards? Yes - there are dozens of ways you can pay us. Please send an email to us if you are unable to use a credit card. Can I get my tracking history in a spreadsheet or text file?

In most situations, the only way you can find out if they deleted your email is waiting and continuing to NOT receive any read notification. In some rare situations however - you will get a "not read" receipt that explains they deleted your email without ever opening it: but this is dependent on their email provider setting this up, and not many do.

Return to Main Menu What does Location mean, and why is it wrong sometimes? Most of your receipts will contain "Location" information - this indicates the approximate physical location of the ISP Internet Service Provider that the recipient was using when they opened your email.


GetNotify Frequently Asked Questions

Details regarding your account were sent to you in a "welcome" email. You are welcome to change your account settings at any time - you can do all this through your "My Account" page when you log in. If the address you wish to add to your account is already registered, please refer to instructions regarding merging accounts. Merging different accounts together If you send emails from more than one email address, ReadNotify offers you the option of linking these to the same account. If you presently have more than one account with us whether on a free trial, paid subscription or expired you can merge them together under the same subscription plan. You will require a password in order to merge your accounts; if you require a new one please write to: and let us know the email address you need it for Increasing your sending limits All subscription plans offered include limits on how many emails you can send in a year or month.



What is ReadNotify? ReadNotify is the original tracking service of its kind, and remains the most powerful and reliable email and document tracking service in the world today. Automatically: Paid subscribers can install our optional ActiveTracker app which adds the tracking automatically as you send your emails. So, send your tests to someone who does not use the same computer as you. What happens next? Once you have sent a tracked email you can log in to your ReadNotify account to see the status of it. You will also receive a ReadNotification via email when your tracked email or document has been opened.

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