Чтобы было сразу всё понятно, рассмотрим работу реальных блоков безопасности в реальных схемах включения. Как обычно, от теории — к практике, от простого — к сложному. Принципы работы реле безопасности основаны на невозможности включения силовых цепей оборудования в случае каких-либо неисправностей. При этом происходит двойное , четверное и т. Питание силовых частей станка идёт через 1, 2, 3 или даже 4 ряда последовательно соединенных контакторов. И в случае чего они отключат питание и предотвратят неприятность.

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It is valid until new documentation is published. This operating manual explains the function and operation, describes the installation and provides guidelines on how to connect the product. Page 5: Safety This gives advice on applications and provides information on special fea- tures. Page 7: Unit Features The correct opening and closing of the safety function relays is tested automatically in each on-off cycle.

The unit is ready for operation when the feedback loop Y1-Y2 and the start circuit SS34 are closed. Ensure the unit is mounted securely on a vertical DIN rail 35 mm by using a fixing ele- ment e.

Page Wiring Important for detection of shorts across contacts: As this function for detecting shorts across contacts is not failsafe, it is tested by Pilz during the final control check.

If there is a danger of exceeding the cable runs, we recommend the following test after the installation of the device: 1. E-STOP wiring, safety gate Page Operation The safety functions may only be checked by qualified personnel. Page Faults - Interference Contact malfunctions: If the contacts have welded, reactivation will not be possible after the input circuit has opened.

Dimensions in mm 75 2. Page 16 Max. Page 17 Max. Page 18 70 ms 55 ms 55 ms With manual start max. Page 20 87 mm 87 mm Width 45 mm 45 mm 45 mm Depth mm mm mm Weight g g g Where standards are undated, the latest editions shall apply. Page 29 Torque setting with screw terminals 0,6 Nm 0,6 Nm Dimensions Height 87 mm 87 mm Width 45 mm 45 mm Depth mm mm Weight g g Where standards are undated, the latest editions shall apply.

KG, Felix-Wankel-Str. Page 33 Back cover Support Technical support is available from Pilz round the clock. This manual is also suitable for:.


Реле Pilz PNOZ X7 24VAC/DC

Click on the image to enlarge, and then save it to your computer by right clicking on the image. Adjoining wire courses might be revealed about, where certain receptacles or fixtures should get on a typical circuit. The electrical symbols not just show where something is to be set up, yet also exactly what type of device is being installed. A surface ceiling light is shown by one symbol, a recessed ceiling light has a various sign, as well as a surface fluorescent light has an additional sign.


Реле безопасности Pilz Pnoz X7.1 24VAC/DC 1n/o 1n/c


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