Introduction The Beginning When I was doing my psychiatric residency, there were times when I felt very discouraged because there was no single treatment which worked for every patient. Medication works, but not in every patient; and it can make some patients more dysfunctional because of the side effects. Traditional talk therapy helps only a small percentage of patients. I saw patients who suffered for years, going from doctor to doctor and from hospital to hospital, searching for relief from their symptoms. During my residency, I strived to learn different types of available treatment methods. I learned individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, psychodrama, transactional analysis, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy so I could use these various techniques with different patients to suit their needs for healing.

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Both the mental and physical problems of her patients turned out to have been caused by: 1 current life traumas incl. Sometimes these demons are arranged in many layers in their bodies, one on top of another.

These demons are organized by "Satan" and take pleasure in tormenting in heinous ways those whom they have possessed. It must be noted that everything Modi describes is reportedly what she has been told by her patients, e. These are the terms used by her patients, even though they come from diverse cultures and have different religions, and she says this is why she uses them.

Treatment is carried out by enlisting help from the angels to transform earthbound and demon entities into the Light and send them to the Light. Their bodies were then filled with the brilliant white Light, shielded by a bubble of Light and covered by spiritual mirrors and rays of white Light.

Soul parts that were with Satan and his demons or elsewhere were cleansed, healed before being integrated in the patient, This is a weighty book amounting to more than pages. It contains comprehensive details of all possible aspects of "possession", and is extremely enlightening though this is a "dark" subject. It made me think that ALL our various ailments, diseases, etc. At any rate, it is one valid explanation of the existence of disease, one that we have heard before, e.

I have myself seen many examples of healings carried out in this way by the latter. At one point early on in the book the thought occurred to me that tha author herself must be under the influence of these demons, since she kept regaling us with multifarious examples of these possessions in her patients, which had the effect of lowering my vibration and making me afraid that I too would be liable to attracting these diabolic beings or more of them than I already might have into my system.

But then fortunately she began to describe the healings by the angels and also provided us with prayers by means of which we can ask for help and protection. This helped. But I have to say that the book could easily have been halved in length without this detracting from its message or fullness of necessary information. The author writes extremely simply and clearly. In short, I found this to be a useful, edifying book, with great credibility I am not a Christian in the traditional sense, though believing in Christ.

However, it may well have a negative effect on the reader due to the many, many pages of depressing detail of the various cases of possession and violent past life experiences.


Remarkable Healings

Dr Shakuntala Modi is a practicing psychiatrist and hypnotherapist. Jesus Christ has personally recommended the works of Dr Modi for further study on his website www. Since that first occasion, several patients have reported finding inside them another spirit, a human soul separate and distinct from their own soul. This soul is reported by the patients to be a visitor or, as we say, an attached or possessing earthbound spirit who did not make its transition to the Light heaven after the death of its physical body and has remained on the earth plane. The hypnotized patients report that the visiting or possessing spirits are influencing them and causing them problems, either intentionally or unintentionally. Before there can be any resolution of the patients symptoms and problems, all possessing earthbound spirits must be treated and released from the patients.


Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness


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