Start free Blinkist trial Upgrade to Premium Read or listen now Synopsis Selling to Big Companies closely examines the ins and outs of dealing with corporate decision-makers. From making an initial contact to developing your sales pitch, this book will give you all the tools you need to sell to big companies. Key idea 1 of 10 Selling to big companies means understanding how their decision-makers think. Even finding and connecting with the right person to make a sale can be difficult, as such people often keep themselves well-insulated from the onslaught of daily sales calls.

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Her book, "Selling to Big Companies" is a landmark. After speaking to sales professionals at my company on the content of the book, Jill was asked to conduct three seminars for some of our sales people. All were resounding successes. Jill is one to watch. And if you get the chance to work with her, you will be impressed. Many of the top level prospects who agreed to meet with us had declined our earlier attempts in some cases for years. We look forward to learning more from Jill about increasing presentation effectiveness during our next national sales summit.

I thought that I had most of it figured out until we hired you to show our staff how to sell by not selling! I can safely say that the training you gave us had a better return than any other investment that we made in our business this year.

There are maybe three events that have happened in my business life that changed my approach in how I manage; you are certainly one of the three. I wish that I had hired you twenty years ago - I would have saved a lot of time and a lot more money! She truly "gets it" and "gets it done" with Big Companies. Her energy, experience, savvy, and simply fabulous interpersonal skills make her one of the very best resources to learn from and emulate. Nobody I know can match her insight in how to break into big, new customer relationships!

Thanks a ton, Jill!! Jill was able to train the entire sales team on not only strategies but also tactics. The impact of her work has been, and will continue to be felt for many years. When combined with her book, the workshop creates a powerful one-two punch. Five stars out of five! We did this both because we agreed with her sales philosophy and tactics and because she is more "on the ball" than any of the other 80 sales trainers, consultants, writers or experts that are now part of the same program.

Jill has spoken at webinars for the Jigsaw audience , salespeople and had incredible feedback. She "gets it.

Her presentation was fun, informative and creative. A great help for our sales people. Everyone was raving about the golden nuggets of information and common sense learnings. Payoffs started coming right away. I now have the biggest pipeline in my year career with the company.

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I was so impressed that I immediately bought her book "Selling To Big Companies" the moment it came out. Our entire sales strategy has been informed and influenced by the insightful principles contained in that book.

Since launching our newly revised strategy in the beginning of , we have landed 14 new accounts and have several more pending as I write these words. She had instant credibility with our field staff. Her messages of how to access and service decision-makers inside companies resonated with everyone in the room.


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