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Feelings and emotions are the source of my musical inspirations. For me, when creating new music everything starts with a feeling. Far before the words come. The beautiful thing about feelings is they create a different story for all of us.

Writing from a place of feeling and emotion you set the stage for the listener to explore the ambient space of their own imagination and see, feel, and hear the story that feels right for them. There is no winning that argument, only a difference in perception. The same holds true when it comes to art. Music especially. I look at it as creating space for the mind to wander and the heart to explore. Without judgement we leave the stage wide open to infinite possibilities whether they might feel good or bad.

What is your story? I guess you can say that my "Stand in Life" is all about being true to Self and contributing to the world what the Universe calls on me. One of the most beautiful things in the world is simply "not knowing.

If you had to asnwer, what makes your music extraordinary and different? And because I allow these emotions to feel me up freely, without judgement, from a place of self-awareness, they manifest through my music and become real for the listener. I have a deep love for people and I want to give them something that will move them. Something that might alter their state even for just a moment to give them a chance to reflect on something different. To take them away on a journey and perhaps inspire them to new possibilities and ultimately give back to the Universe and create something beautiful themselves.

In a sense I consider music to be healing music when you successfully induce feeling and emotion that brings inspiration to others. I suppose an element that certainly may stand out in my music is I perform all my music live as a One Man Show.

I play drums, keyboards, sing and control all my backup sequences with synth and triggers. I love performing equally as much as I love writing and hopefully it shows. What are your plans for the upcoming year? One is all New Age music and Ambient music and the other is more Electronic music and Alternative music. Perhaps a safe way to catagorize it would be more under the umbrella of alternative music with electronic and new age influences.

I will be playing several festivals across the United States this year both solo and with full bands as well as playing here locally in Spokane with several different Spokane bands..


Jim Eldridge

Professionally, his career has been mostly in the high tech industry, where he has held a variety of engineering and senior management positions. Elvidge is currently an agile and leadership consultant helping companies become more lean, innovative, and agile in all aspects of their business. Outside of the high-tech arena, however, Elvidge has had an alternative career, focusing on a form of digital philosophy by synthesizing ideas from the varied fields of artificial intelligence, cosmology, nanotechnology, quantum mechanics, and the paranormal. He frequently appears on talk radio shows that focus on futurism and digital philosophy. The nature of " The Universe-Solved!





Jim Elvidge


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