Rafiushan came to the UK in [5] to study law but for financial reasons worked at the Pakistani embassy instead. He wanted to be a writer but his ambitions were frustrated. In interview, Kureishi notes: My [paternal] grandfather, an army doctor, was a colonel in the Indian army. Big family. Tennis court.

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Year of Publishing: Pages: Hanif Kureishi is known for his controversial, soul-baring and highly sexed up prose. Kureishi started out by writing pornography. He went on to write novels. His relatives and people close to him constantly complained how personal details of their life cropped up in his stark novels. His book, Intimacy was especially embroiled in controversy, because it was intensely personal and the events that happen in the book are supposedly what Kureishi went through himself.

Intimacy is about a man on the verge of leaving his wife of ten years and two adorable sons. His idea is to slink away quietly in the darkness of the night and never come back. In the very first page, the protagonist Jay makes his intentions clear. The whole book is in fact a long emotional outpouring of male angst and the unbearable loneliness and emptiness that has crept into his marriage and life. Her range of feeling is narrow and hence she can keep things simple. There are deeply affecting thoughts and incisive enquiry into the human heart with passages such as these, "Susan often accuses me of lack of application.

But I was concentrating. I believe the mind is always conentrating - on something that interests it. Skirts and jokes and cricket and pop, in my case. Despite ourselves, we know what we like, and our errors and distracted excursions are illuminations. Perhaps only the unsought is worthwhile His cynical mind argues the futility of a social bond in which no love exists any more. The thought of his sons holds him back, but he convinces himself that they will be fine.

He compares his life with two of his friends, Alex — a committed married man, who has learnt to live with the occasional unhappiness in his domestic life.

At the other end of the spectrum is his friend Victor, who has left his wife and is currently enjoying his promiscuous life as a bachelor. The author Hanif Kureishi has been a student of philosophy in London and expectedly he takes the opportunity to dwell on the institution of marriage and how ultimately it becomes an entrapment, extracting a heavy price through the denial of personal hope and dreams.

Even if he were to leave his wife, would the love he finds outside last at all? The book teems with quotes on marriage, desire and life in general. Nevertheless they were loyal and faithful to one another. Disloyal and unfaithful to themselves. He says he will not leave, if only his wife were to touch him in bed tonight and make him feel wanted. Writers always express best that which is close to their heart. Intimacy could only have been written by a man who felt all those emotions and who lived through a period of moral, social and personal dilemma.

The book was possibly written at one go in a stream -of-consciousness narrative, wherein thoughts travel back and forth in time. The book puts forth questions but attempts to provide no real answers. Men might relate to the book more, most women will despise it. Intimacy is like reading only one half of a more complicated story. But for what it is, the novella gives you a penetrating, insightful view into the male psyche and to that extent, it is a worthy read.


Intimacy Quotes

Happily, I found it next to my Kunderas. I thought "Intimacy" might continue some of the themes about relationships that had interested me in "The Joke". After finishing it, I discovered a interview with Kureishi in the Guardian in which he revealed that he had been reading "The Joke" that very morning. He seemed to define the Zeitgeist.


Hanif Kureishi




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